Published: 2012-12-29

Review Articles

Microalbuminaria in hypertension: a review
Mahesh Bhattarai, Buna Bhandari
Page: 1-10

Original Articles

Efficacy of single dose of 800μg of misoprostol in first trimester abortion
Shanti Subedi
Page: 11-13

Upregulation of cyclooxygenase system and growth factors as plausable mechanism of antinuclerogenic activity of leaf of Piper betle Linn: a molecular insight
Biswajit Majumdar, Amar Kumar Sinha, Shekhar Chandra Yadav, Dilli Ram Niroula
Page: 14-24

A prospective study of the management of open fractures of tibia
Abul Kalam Mohammad, Mahesh Shrivastav, Pradeep Gupta, Awais Sayed
Page: 25-28

Awareness of disease and self care among hypertensive patients attending Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
Buna Bhandari, Mahesh Bhattarai, Manjul Bhandari, Nilambar Jha
Page: 29-35

Incidence of anemia based on haemoglobin levels in children 2-12 years of aged in Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar, Nepal
Amar Kumar Sinha, Biswajit Majumdar
Page: 36-38

A study on personal hygiene and sanitary practices in a rural village of Morang District of Nepal
Rajiv Ranjan Karn, Buna Bhandari, Nilambar Jha
Page: 39-44

A study of socio-demographic and diagnostic profile of patients attending the psychiatric out-patient department of Nobel Medical College Biratnagar
Naba Raj Koirala, Rajesh Yadav, Ajay Kumar Das, Jwalanta Poudel, Santosh Kumar Bhagat
Page: 45-49

Rising rate of cesarean section - a year review
Shanti Subedi
Page: 50-56

Interlocking intramedullary nailing in comminuted femoral shaft fractures
Abul Kalan Mohammad, Ram Kewal Shah, Awais Syed, Pradeep Gupta
Page: 57-63

Evaluation of chronic headache by computed tomography: a retrospective study
Anish Subedee
Page: 64-71

Status of thyroid profile in Type-2 diabetes mellitis
Shekhar Chandra Yadav, Alwin Saldhana, Biswajit Majumdar
Page: 72-76

The prevalence of mental retardation by gender, age, and age of diagnosis at Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar
Naba Raj Koirala, Ajoy Kumar Das, Santosh Kumar Bhagat
Page: 77-81

Case Reports

Dermoid cyst of ovary misdiagnosed as intrauterine fetal demise: a case report
Shanti Subedi Varsha, Anju Deo, Anjana Sharma, Sita Ghimire
Page: 82-83

Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome
Naba Raj Koirala, Roshana Khadka, Manoj Bhattarai, Dibya Tulachan, Ajay Kumar Das, Jwalanta Poudel
Page: 84-86