Published: 2016-12-26


Molecular Aspects of Human Body’s Intelligently Designed Complex Living System
Arambam Giridhari Singh

Original Articles

Study of Renal Profile In Diabetic Patient at Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar
Prashant Kumar Shah, Rupesh Kumar Shreewastav, Arambam Giridhari Singh
Page: 1-4

Gullain-Barré Syndrome during pregnancy: Fetomaternal outcomes
Sita Pokhrel Ghimire, Ram Hari Ghimire, Ashima Ghimire, Dilliram Kafle, Manisha Chhetry, Mahanand Kumar
Page: 5-9

A descriptive cross-sectional study of helicobacter pylori infection in non-ulcer dyspepsia patients in a tertiary care teaching hospital In the Eastern part of Nepal
Rishab Shrestha, Gaurav Chhetri, Arbind Deo, Rabindra Nath Das
Page: 10-16

Relationship of Torch Profile in First Trimester Spontaneous Miscarriage
Sabina Lamichhane, Shanti Subedi, Sita Pokharel Ghimire, Manisha Chetri, Basudev Banerjee
Page: 17-21

Prevalence of overweight, obesity and its associated risk factors among school children aged 6-16 years of Biratnagar
Vijay Kumar Sah, Arun Giri, Rupak Acharya
Page: 22-25

Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in Metastatic lymphadenopathy
Niraj Nepal
Page: 26-31

Exacerbation of Asthma during Pregnancy: Fetomaternal Outcomes
Ram Hari Ghimire, Sita Pokhrel Ghimire, Ashima Ghimire
Page: 32-36

An open label study on Depression Patient's Disability Outcomes: Comparative Evaluation of Escitalopram and Amisulpride
Vijay Kaul, Shaktibala Dutta, Mirza Atif Beg, Nand Kishore Singh, Shalu Bawa, Mohammed Anjoom, Srihari Dutta, Prithi Rai
Page: 37-42

Neurological Sequelae in Acute Encephalitis Syndrome one month post discharge from the hospital in the Children Aged 1-14 years
Arun Giri, Vijay Kumar Sah, Raju Sedhain, Romia Chimoriya
Page: 43-46

Appendicular Mass: A Conservative Approach
Ashok Koirala, Dipendra Thakur, Sunit Agrawal, Kamal Raj Pathak, Manoj Bhattarai, Abhilasha Sharma
Page: 47-50

Incidence and Susceptibility of Uropathogens Isolated among the Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern Nepal
Bigu Kumar Chaudhari, Ganesh Kumar Singh, Kamal Prasad Parajuli, Kewal Shrestha
Page 51-55

Evaluation of Serum Creatinine in Hypertensive Patient
Shekhar Chandra Yadav
Page: 56-59

Case Reports

Conjoined Twin: Late Presentation and Challenges in Management
Manisha Chhetry, Sita Pokhrel Ghimire, Shanti Subedi, Sabina Lamichhane, Mahanand Kumar, Basudev Banerjee
Page 60-63