Published: 2018-04-05


Free Radicals are dutiful soldiers, no more to be spared as bio-terrorists
Arambam Giridhari Singh

Original Articles

Study of housing conditions among people of a rural community in Morang, Eastern Nepal
Alok Acharya, Ava Pokhrel, Amar Kumar Yadav, Rimu Mishra
Page: 1-8

Utility of Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) in predicting the presence of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) in patients in Routine Respiratory Clinical Service
Puru Koirala, Ram Hari Ghimire, Deebya Raj Mishra, Bidesh Bista, Bhupendra Shah
Page: 9-13

Study of the Potential Use of Lithium in Treatment of Acute Kidney Injury in Rat Model
Mahmoud Abdelaziz Kora, Yassin Salah Yassin, Ahmed Mohamed Zahran, Ahmed Ragheb, Safwa Othman Abdellatif, Maha Elbatsh, Wael Mohamed Yousef, Hala Said El-Rebey, Asmaa Shams El-Dein Mohamed
Page: 14-19

Outcome of Patients with Gullain Barre syndrome at Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern Nepal
Dilli Ram Kafle, Surendra Shah
Page: 20-24

Age Distribution of Patients Presenting With Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fever in Kathmandu, Nepal
Damodar Gajurel, Rabi Prakash Sharma, Krishna Dhungana, Niranjan Acharya, Prasant Karki, Sudikshya Acharya
Page: 25-28

The unified theory – Neurology of emotions and how to control them
Iype Cherian, Hira Burhan, Harshpreet Kaur, Rupesh Kumar Shreewastav
Page: 29-34

Prevalence of co-morbid conditions in Heart failure: an experience at tertiary care hospital
Sahadeb Prasad Dhungana, Ankit Chaparia, Sanjib Kumar Sharma
Page: 35-41

Profile on ECG Changes in different types of Stroke in Patients at Tertiary Level Hospital in Eastern Nepal
Manoj Kumar Thakur, Gaurav Chhetri, Risab Shrestha
Page: 42-47

Mortality pattern in Emergency Department of a Tertiary Care Center in Western Nepal
Raju Prasad Shakya, Suraj Adhikari, Salina Munankami
Page: 48-52

Farm related and Wild Animals inflicted injuries related to Orthopaedics: Epidemiology and prospects for control
Suraj Bajracharya
Page: 53-57

Stillbirths - Determining the associated factors and causes according to relevant condition at death: an experience from Pokhara, Nepal
Junu Shrestha, Rami Shrestha, Sonam Gurung
Page: 58-65

Cytological evaluation of breast lesion and its histopathological correlation in a tertiary care center
Manish Kumar Das, Ashok Koirala
Page: 66-71

Case Reports

A case report of Megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy with subcortical cysts, a rare inherited autosomal recessive leukodystrophy, in a Nepalese child
Manoj Bhattarai, Ashish Mohan Bhattarai
Page: 72-75